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Why study cyber security


You have likely heard about cyber security in recent months. You may have read about data leaks that pose a constant threat to all data. In fact, a recent Gallup poll found that Americans are more concerned about hacking or stealing their identity than any other crime. You may have heard that there is a great need for cyber security forces, or that cyber security is a lucrative career with excellent job security. No matter what you've heard, it shouldn't come as a surprise if you're considering a career in cyber security. In this case, it might also be worth considering a degree in cyber security. Why study cyber security? Here are some reasons why you should think about studying cyber security and pursuing a career in cyber security.

There are many jobs in cyber security.

IT and cyber security CEOs agree that the wealth of job opportunities in cyber security makes it a rich market for people with the right qualifications. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cyber security jobs will increase in number, as will the position of an information security analyst. This position is expected to grow by 28% by 2026, a rate much faster than the average. A large number of jobs available on the internet means that obtaining a cyber security education is a great way to have a good career in an area in full growth.

Difficult and necessary work.

A career in cyber security is a career at the forefront of a problem that will remain essential to our society for the known future. Cyber criminals continue to be relentless in their attempts to compromise all kinds of sensitive data that they may have in their hands. Back in 2019, we found data breaches of online games, stores, and even health services that compromised the personal data of millions of people. As our society becomes increasingly dependent on online services, cyber security is becoming increasingly important.

Why study cyber security and how can I help with my skill? There are various field as cyber security you can help. Maybe you are an information security analyst who implements security strategies and ensures data security every day. Perhaps they are taking the path of management, where they lead cyber security teams, plan strategies to protect data, and take responsibility. You can also think of a work in ethical hacking in which you will try to find vulnerabilities in security systems so that they can be repaired before cybercriminals can benefit from them.

Anyone can learn cyber security

You might think that you need to be an expert to even dream of a cyber career. You will be surprised to learn that even someone with little experience with computers can still get the training you need to start a career in cyber security.  A good degree in a cyber security program will first catch you up with the basic skills before you deal with the details of cyber security. It is quite possible to switch from it novice to a cyber security expert when you are spending time studying, and a formal education helps to create a clear structure and a clear path that can make the journey easier.

Flexible  Programs Are Available

Flexibility is of great importance for working adults.Why study cyber security as Flexible Programs? The opportunity to get an online degree while balancing school with a full-time job and family commitments has proved to be a career change for many cyber security experts. Today, many colleges and universities offer online options, be it hybrid programs or 100% online degrees. In addition to flexibility, e-learning offers important benefits for students, including the ability to gain access to the best cyber security programs, professors, and universities wherever they are, pay less for materials, and interact with students from around the country and the world.

Networking opportunities abound in Graduate programs

For all those who want to make the most of their graduate program, networking is crucial.Why study cyber security in Graduate programs? As the graduate school attracts groups of like-minded people with similar interests in certain areas such as cyber security, this is the perfect place to connect with peers, alumni, and professors. The connections that are made in graduate school can not only help you as you graduate, by offering additional knowledge, insights, and a variety of opinions but can also be very useful when you graduate as you try to start or advance your career. Besides, the online master of the University of San Diego is structured to focus on maximum engagement with experienced faculty experts and cyber security colleagues from across the country. This is a valuable opportunity to interact and learn from colleagues in all areas of the cyber security industry.

Cyber security offers unique and interesting ways to make a difference

For example, some cyber security specialists are focusing on creative ways to attack the same systems they claim to be protected to uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. Today, there are more and more bug bounty programs in which white hat hacker experts work to disrupt the illegal and destructive efforts of their Black hat counterparts by finding and fixing vulnerabilities in cybersecurity security systems. Booz Allen Hamilton, a cyber security officer at Global Defense, Management and its consultancy, talks about setting up fake computers in a fake and deliberately vulnerable network that acts as a "virtual mousetrap" to lure cyber adversaries who bite the hook and reveal valuable information about their identity, tactics, and intentions.


A higher degree in cyber security is not the endpoint you need to achieve a continuous learning curve in this ever-changing field, but a degree can help you change your career path and increase your income potential while having a positive impact on society. A higher degree in cyber security is not the endpoint you need to achieve a continuous learning curve in this ever-changing field, but a degree can help you change your career path and increase your income potential while having a positive impact on society.


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