What are the top ten priciest vehicles in the US?

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Rolls Royce Boat Tail


When it comes to providing the most opulent and stunning automobiles in the world, automakers deliver,  from Lamborghini to Rolls.

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Buggati La Voiture Noire


The car comes with the quad-turbo 8 litre W16 engine. This all-black Atlantic is priced at $18.7 million.

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Buggati Centodieci


The car beauty, transforming the Centodieci into a true work of art.  The car is one of the most exclusive cars ever made and it is priced at $9 million.

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Mercedes Maybach Exelero


2004 saw the creation of the Exlero by Fulda. Although the supercar is just $8 million, it would cost more than $10 million today.

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Buggati Divo


Among the brand-new vehicles from Bugatti, the Divo is a fan favourite. There will be 40 units of the automobile made, each costing $5.8 million.

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Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita


The Trevita was originally intended to be a limited edition three-piece. this limited-edition vehicle is $4.8 million.

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Lamborghini Veneno


Each was about $4.5 million. There were just 14 Venenos based on the Aventador made by Lamborghini between 2014 and 2015.

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Buggati Chiron Super Sport 300+


A precise balance of low drag and downforce improves stability and performance. The price of the supercar is $3.9 million.

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Lamborghini Sian


In many respects, the Sian serves as a bridge to Lamborghini's future. more pricey than the Aventador SVJ ($3.6 million), which is comparable.

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Pagani Huayra Roadster BC


There are just 40 of these $3.5 million vehicles being produced by Pagani.

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