The Gulf nation's ministry economy said on Wednesday.

The UAE has ordered a suspension of exports and re-exports of wheat and wheat flour oringinating from India for four months.

The move follows India Banning the exports of wheat last month to check the surge in the local price.

with this Indian wheat can not rooted to third countries via the UAE.

The ban, which the ministry called as moratorium has been imposed

effective form May 13 in view of the international developments that have affected trade flows.

India had on May 14banned wheat exports except for those backed by already issued letters of credit(LCs) and to countries seeking to ensure food security.

Since then,it has allowed shipments of 469,202 tonnes wheat.

What has the USA said? UAE has said that companies wishing to export or re-export India 

wheat brought into the UAE before 13 May must first make an application to the economy ministry, according to a report in the news agency reuters.