Melissa Raouf showed with proof that one can win the competition even without makeup."

 Melissa Raouf turned Miss England finalist after 100 years of history without makeup".

"A beautiful and talented looking girl is a student from South London, she is twenty years old."

"Melissa Raouf says, I think a lot of different age girls do makeup, because they like it."

"If someone is happy about his skin even without makeup, then there is no need to cover up."

In May, Raouf posted a selfie on Instagram from the "bare face" round of the competition, writing that she was "embracing blemishes and imperfections.

She also said in a conversation that when I do makeup, I don't feel comfortable

"I Think People Should Love And Embrace Their Flows And Blemishes, As We Know Real Beauty Lies With In Simplicity".

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