iPhone 14, Apple could beat everyone to the satellite smartphone

When did satellite-capable phones and watches get so hot? 

T-Mobile and Star link are teaming up to bring satellite connectivity to a range of T-Mobile 5G phones and smartwatches.

Rumors that Apple is looking to bring satellite capabilities to the iPhone 14. Most expect the phone to launch next week on September 7.T-Mobile 5G phones and smartwatches.

Those new communication platform abilities even extend, to the Apple Watch 8.

Maybe it's the tenor of the world. There are, a lot of bad, scary things  happening on our little blue orb right now. 

We have war in Ukraine, wildfires, and spasms of violence. What most of these things have in common is that, in these situations, 

you usually want to call for help ASAP. If the disaster hits your infrastructure, power to your  home, and cell towers, the ones that support 4G, LTE, and 5G.