How The Indian President is elected

The Indian Election Commission has notified the election of Indian's next President on July 18.

Country will get 15th president of India.elected MLAs and MPs accross the Country will vote to elect India's 15th President.

Under Article 62(1) of the constitution,"an election to fill a vacancy caused by the expiration of the term" President Ram Nath kovind's tenure ends on july 25.

The nominated members to either House of parliament or the Legislative Assemblies are not eligible in the electoral college and can not vote.

So,an electoral college consists of 543 members of Lok Sabha,233 members of Rajya Sabha and total of 4120 members of the Legislative Assemblies.

The formula is The total population of the state (as per 1917 census)/Total number of elective seats in Legislative Assembly X 1000 = value of Votes of members of Electoral college(MLAs)

How is Voting done? The presidential election voting pattern is based on a system of proportional representation by means of a single tranferable vote. There is no election symbol on the ballot paper.Inastead of that, there are two columns.

The first column has the name of the candidates and the second has the order of preference.