Google is celebrating the 171st birthday of the godfather of espresso machines

Angelo moriondo, on june 6 with  spical google Doodle, inviting ll coffee lovers to sip in tribute to the inventor

The artiest oliva when is painted in coffee colour and she creatively it makes it GIF of the espresso machine.

Moriondo patented the first known espresso machine. “The machine consisted of a large boiler that pushed heated water through a bed of coffee grounds, with a second boiler producing steam that would flash the bed of coffee and complete the brew,” it said.

Moriondo presented his espresso machine at the General Expo of Turin in 1884, where it was awarded the bronze medal.

He received a patent titled, “New steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage, method”.

Born to a family of entrepreneurs in Italy in 1851, Moriondo never stopped brewing new ideas or projects. His grandfather founded a liquor production company that was passed down to his son (Angelo’s father), who himself would later build the popular chocolate company, “Moriondo and Gariglio” alongside his brother and cousin.