Gabbie Hanna

Fans Concerned For Gabbie Hanna As She Posts Over One Hundred Strange Tiktok Videos 


The Pennsylvanian, age 31

Won notoriety on Vine and YouTube, where she now has more than 5.2 million subscribers to her channel, The Gabbie Show.


She additionally sings, and in 2017 she posted her debut song, "Out Loud," and in 2022 she will be able to launch EPs and her debut album.


However, she has currently become pretty famous on TikTok.


Fans accept this as true with Gabbie has been performing particularly surprisingly this week

regardless of the fact that she frequently publishes bizarre motion pictures

on a huge variety of subjects and has over seven million fans on the platform.

The social media star has been flooding the app with a tonne of peculiar motion pictures, leaving many customers to wonder if she is okay.


On Tuesday, August 23, Gabbie launched a video wherein she stated she was going to "rescue the world," which kicked off the collection of motion pictures.


She persisted in broadcasting a number of similar films in which she discussed religion, the universe, Jesus, the Bible, children dying, and other important topics.