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Top 10 Best 2D Animation Free software 2022


Top 10 Best 2D Animation Free software USA 2021

Cartoon channels such as nickelodeon, pogo, etc. have been a staple in our life when we were kids. Those channels used 2D animation to explain the storyline which glued us to the cartoon shows. 

What is 2D Animation?

A 2D  animation is an art form that creates characters, objects, scenarios, etc. in two-dimension with movements.

If you are here, it means you are curious about 2D animation. Are you aspiring to be a 2D animator? Here’s what you should do:

Learning any course is the first step to be a professional in that field. Being active in your classes dedicating your energy towards your work and finding your core idea of creating 2D animation is what makes your base strong to work ahead in the field being a professional.

Dedication and be exquisite

If you want to work in the creative field, you have to be unique about your style. Therefore, work on the minute things and dedicate yourself to improvise until you feel contended. Keep practicing until your basic work is exquisite.

Create your portfolio

Gather the finest work of yours’ and build a strong portfolio. According to professionals, your portfolio is the key to move forward and get better assignments and clients to work with. Keep updating the portfolio but, always with the finest of your work.


Work with a variety of assignments and gather experience. Always remember practice makes your work better and experience makes your career. Challenge yourself with different types of assignments.


While practicing and experiencing different work types, do not forget to explore animation programs and courses. Keep learning not just from courses but from other 2D animation artists too. A 2D animator works a lot more than we see. Being apt at drawing skills, being able to give depth in any scenario that is narrating a story, working on the storyboard before creating the animation as for each second a screen have 24 frames and for that 24 frames are to be made on the storyboard, and many more. There is plenty of software to be niche at 2D animation.

Below is the best 2D Animation software mentioned:


This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX. Synfig offers 50 layers for animation and it supports multiple layers of content. Synfig Studio is an open-source that is convenient for beginners to learn and practice 2D animation. There are two versions available to download; stable and testing. The testing version has a few experimental features. This software allows creating cutout animations from bitmap images. Also, it can add syncing or adding narration and SFX in the videos created. This software is absolutely free and good to use for beginners.



This software is compatible with Windows and OSX. It is based on the Toonz software and Opentoonz is the finest free alternative that is available for beginners to create content of 2D animation. Opentoonz supports additional plug-ins to make beautiful animation effects. This software gives access to users to modify
the source code in order to add particular features. Though the UI design of this software is comparatively outdated yet it doesn't harm the user experience. Including features of this software are; GTS scanning tool, the ability to change picture styles, add distortion and light effects, and compatibility with black and white and colored scans.


This app is compatible with iPhone and Android. It has easy animation technique tutorials to learn from and is convenient for young artists. Beginners can create animation content by using this app quickly on their respective phones or tablets. This app is absolutely free and is a perfect fit for those who want to give 2D animation a try.


2d animation Software Pencil 2D 

This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX. Pencil2D offers minimal designs to create animation easily. Their features are highlighted as the Raster and vector workflow switching and also provide cross plant cross-platform or compatibility. This software is absolutely free. It also makes it easier for its users by
providing tutorials in three different languages; English, Spanish and Portuguese.


This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX. Its features are traditional paperless animation and numerous color palettes and paint options. The features also include 2D and 3D integration that gives a professional touch to the animation content. Cut-out animation tools, revolutionary vector, bitmap
drawing technology, and brush engine. This software is free for the first 21 days and continues with a monthly $109 subscription amount.

toon boom


The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX. CelAction2D is easy and fast to use in both windows 32 and 64-bit and Mac through boot camp. This software easily operates projects with multiple layers of content. The price of its studio edition is $1300 for one single license. This software is good to go for professionals.


The compatibility of this software is with windows and OSX. Smart software to create professional animation with features like realistic motion blurs and advanced freehand drawing tools. The software supports multiple layer animation at a time. MohoPro gets updated with its features on a regular basis. This software
costs $399.99 for the full package.

moho pro

Stop motion studio

The software is compatible with Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS. Features like onionskin help to create every next frame correctly by creating a transparent background of the previous frame. This software supports a DSLR camera for creating 1080p recordings also, the chroma key helps to record audio and add music. Being
one-click easy to upload this software costs $59.99.


The software is compatible with Windows and OSX. Flipbook is convenient for both pros and beginners as it is a complete package of all you need for 2D animation. This software supports creating the layers to scanning, infusing music, and SFX. It works faster with all the functions and the user can add ten layers for an extra touch
to the animation which will give it a professional touch. Flipbook comes with four different packages starting from $19.99 for flipbook Lite, $49.99 for flipbook studio, $149.99 for flipbook pro, and $199.99 for flipbook Pro HD.

Reallusion CrazyTalk animator

This software is compatible with Windows and OSX. Reallusion software comes with a variety of features like; capturing real-time expression and lip-syncing. Black magic changes images into moving animated objects or characters. One of the popular software for you tubers and educators. This software costs USD199 for the pipeline and USD99 for Pro. The above are the finest 2D animation software, while some of them are absolutely free while some of them are costing a limited amount depending on the product they are delivering.

Compare between 2D animation and 3D animation

If, we compare 2D animation and 3D animation. Let us take some time to go back to the '90s and see how beautiful and joyous Tom and Jerry, Oswald made us. Now, come back and visualize watching frozen and hotel Transylvania how curious it made us! Exactly you felt it right? Both kinds of cartoons had an impact on
our life.

2d nd 3d


2D animation works with two dimensions which are height and width whereas, 3D animation works with three dimensions which are height, width, and depth. While 2D animation works with every frame by drawing each frame at a time by cell-animation method, 3D animation has to work with movement with the help of computer software then arranging with the time frame and depth, coloring, lighting, etc. The biggest advantage of 2D over 3D is the expense. 3D needs more funds as its better rendering gives a better visual experience.

Is 2D animation gone with coming of 3D?

In recent times, 3D animation has curetted good grossing movies while many are thinking 2D animation is gone. This is not the truth, According to Loup Ventures, by 2022 Netflix is expected to invest almost $5 billion in animated content and Amazon Prime is committing $1.86 billion. Other than that, 2D animation is everywhere starting from hoardings to television ads, e-learning apps to engineering, and many more. If you are looking forward to a career in 2D animation you should definitely go for it. Nowadays films, OTT platforms, social media, and medical sections are opting for 2D Animation which is creating a high demand for professionals. 

Final Remarks

Neither 2D nor 3D animation is objectively “better", both have their place in the market. Choosing between the two styles depends on personal preference. Generally, 2D needs more artistic skills whereas 3D needs for the mechanical mind. With the advanced 2D software it has become easier and faster to work in 2D animations.


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