January 29

Sustaining our mental immunity and well being


  1. Mental Immunity
  2. Mind
  3. Knowledge
  4. Intellect
  5. Sustaining our Wellbeing
  6. Final thoughts

Sustaining is the capacity to endure the worst phase of harsh circumstances. Through, I am not talking on macro-level as Darwin theory of survival for the fittest. But all will agree that it is a relatively ongoing process in our various domains of life. 

Presently the pandemic has caused mental strain for many people across the world. A global pandemic has taken a toll on human life, such as financial insecurity, family upheaval, loss of job, trauma, stressful situation and even loss of loved ones. 

Coronavirus pandemic has triggered worsening cases of depression and anxiety among people. At this time with the development of a strong physical immune system, we must also develop and strengthen our mental immunity for sustaining our well being.

Mental Immunity:

Mental immunity like body immunity helps our mind defence against negative or fearful thoughts and strengthens to face any challenges. The mental immunity system is a grid of co-dependent structures of our “mind”, “knowledge” and “Intellect”.  Developed and strong mental immunity can give us the strength to sustain ourselves in any stressful situation in life. The question is which part and how we sustain ourselves during this time of crises. So we look into mind, knowledge and intellect.

Sustaining Mind:

Our mind is more vacillating than the wind. We need to control it. Albert Einstein described the power of the human mind and advised for its development. 

He explained, a human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. The reaction of our mind- thoughts and feelings as optical delusion. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, with personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us. Efforts should be to free ourselves from this prison and embrace all with compassion. Strive to liberate self from delusion from greed, desires, hatred. 

We can do this through practice, perseverance and non-attachment. The mind typically has two functional states- conscious state and sub conscious state.

The subconscious mind is like a turbulent current of water underneath the conscious mind. The conscious mind reacts to immediate perceptions whereas the subconscious mind is influenced by past experiences. The subconscious mind plays an important part in the psychological life which triggers negative thoughts, anxieties and depression in the stressful and traumatic situations in life.


Our mind perceives and is guided with “Knowledge”, what we learned. But when we see around, we have seen there more rising cases of depression among the professionals. Thus it establishes that mere “knowledge” is not adequate. 


As one cannot see air while every void in the earth is filled with it.  Similarly, the body is more than its organs, eyes, nose, lungs or kidney, it is our “intellect” that is all-pervading. 

Whether we speak of skills, abilities, likes, dislikes, beliefs, faith, family members or moral code, they all start with our “Intellect”, our means or ability to think. Our Intellect is the decision-making ability we need to strengthen it. What we think, our mind perceives and our body reacts.

Sustaining our Wellbeing

We need to have control of our mind and senses for sustaining our mental immunity and well being. Many techniques to control the mind:

•       Meditation

•       Visualization


Meditation is a prime tool of mind management. Scientific research validated that Meditation is found to reduce stress, anxiety, helps you to relax, and procures overall mental well being. Meditation is a process of nourishment of our intellect, a process to train the mind to focus or concentrate. 

As the popular belief that meditation calm one’s mind is only the tip of the ice barge. Our mind gets saturated with our present situation and its cobweb. Meditation works as an anchor to our mind with thoughts, helps to check the rising of evil desires and emotions and stimulate good thoughts and feelings. It helps to strengthen our inner strength. Our thoughts are nothing but a bundle of energy. 

Meditation also helps in modifications of thoughts of the mind and steers the energy toward positivity and these will helps us to keep perfect control over the mind. This practice of restraint develops self-discipline. When the mind is self-discipline; it becomes easy to get control of our senses and our tremendous inner energy.


Visualization is the practice of visualizing what you want to achieve. The process the visualizing directs your subconscious mind to be aware of the end goal you want to have in life. The technique is very simple, you sit in a comfortable position close your eyes imagine in detail and realize the as in a real situation. It is used by high achievers and elite athletes. 

With this visualization technique we can also improve mental well being if you are suffering any diseases or feeling low. Self believe and believing in beautiful future always strengthens oneself.

Final thoughts:

We should build our “Intellect”, for incoming days the situation will not change, but the perspective to look at the situation needs to be changed. When we will nourish our intellect and are imbibed with Ideals and powerful thoughts, automatically ability to sustain our mental immunity and well being will be strengthened.


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