October 28

Proof That NORDVPN Is Exactly What You Are Looking For



VPN, an acronym for Virtual Private Network, is a secured and encrypted connection from any device to the network. They can be installed across all the devices that support the network. VPNs are effective in keeping the data secure and away from the unwanted individual to have access to the data.

In today’s world, corporate structures have been using VPN for their day to day work. The employees can even remotely access the network while they are not in the office. VPN was launched in 1996 by a Microsoft employee.

The employee developed a protocol (PPTP) which helped in establishing a secure connection between the user device and the network. By the 2000s, the technology got popular and most of the companies started using it for the employees, extensively.

 In today’s time, data security and privacy is a rising issue that needs to be addressed. A well secured VPN helps an individual in maintaining his data transfer properly. The data flows through an encrypted tunnel.



Internet speed is a need these days. With the introduction of 4g and 5g, people rarely settle for any less. And this forms a core criteria for individuals in preferring any particular brand of network. While this problem gets solved at a low cost, the use of VPN is disliked due to its feature of reducing the speed considerably.

This is where the NordVPN becomes likable due to its feature of not reducing the speed. It is one of the fastest among the numerous VPN’s in the market. Transferring data through a public network might endanger the security of the same. NordVPN is one of the trusted ways to transfer data and browse the internet privately. 

The NordVPN was introduced to the users in the year 2012. The team launched both the android as well as the IOS app in the year 2016. The google chrome extension was introduced in the year 2017. The year 2018 witnessed the launch of the application for android TV. It would be wrong to say that the program didn’t face any criticism since its inception. NordVPN servers have been shut down in Russia in 2019.

Despite such obstacles every now and then, NordVPN stands strong today by operating in over 60 countries around the world. The likes of the app have remained unmatched.

 By the year 2019, NordVPN became one of the founding members of the “VPN trust initiative”. The initiative was started to regulate the data transfer through a fair process as well as maintaining transparency. Their areas of focus were security, privacy, advertising practices, disclosure and transparency, and social responsibility.

How does NordVPN work?

NordVPN takes its inspiration from ideals such as confidence, trust and innovation. In order to maintain all these ideals, NordVPN has been using the OpenVPN and Internet Key Exchange v2/IP sec. Over the years, the use of multiple VPNs and a report on the shortages that run across them, NordVPN has tried to inculcate technologies that help in increasing the performance of data browsing.

The technology routes the users through a remote server which helps in hiding the IP address of the users. The VPN also helps in encrypting the incoming and outgoing data. Moreover, it also helps in blocking unwanted ads and blocking websites that might be using our personal data in a wrong manner.

Apart from securing data transfer, the NordVPN provides cyber security against the rapidly increasing online threats. The program went a step ahead by introducing a feature through which NordVPN scans the dark web to detect possible misuse of the user’s information. The added feature of sending real time alerts while possible misuse gets detected.

Nord and the online society

Over the period of time, Nord has addressed several social issues like cyber crime, education, internet freedom and digital rights. In the areas where the internet gets censored, Nord has made arrangements for emergency VPN services for the activists and journalists over there.

The year 2020 has witnessed the internet being censored in several places across the world. This act curbed internet freedom for the citizens. In this particular year, NordVPN donated emergency VPNs accounts to its users. In the same year, Nord helped in organising the Internet Freedom Festival.

The festival aimed at promoting digital human rights and internet freedom. The International VPN Day has been proposed by NordVPN to be celebrated on 19th of August every year. It honors the digital rights, security and privacy of the users across the world.


Tim Berner-Lee dreamt of free internet being a reality. NordVPN aims at making the dream come true. Every individual deserves his/her right to the internet and the VPN vouches for the same.

Along with making the internet easily accessible, the workers at NordVPN try their best to keep the data safe and secure. Besides this, they also believe in maintaining transparency with the users regarding their services as well as other aspects. This helps in building a good bong between the user and them.


While the basic features are available for free, however, one has to pay a price in order to avail the more secure facilities of the app. There are three plans primarily - 2 year plan ($ 3.29 per month), 1 year plan ($4.92 per month) and 1 month plan ($11.95 per month).

Users can select any one of these according to their feasibility. Besides features like fast internet, safe and easy content access as well as no log policy makes NordVPN one of the most popular ones in the market.

Safe and secured data transfer, digital rights are some of the basic necessities of any internet user and NordVPN aims at fulfilling all of these.



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