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How to get rid of negative thoughts


Your mind is on alert always speaking with your inner negative voice. Most of us feel negative sometimes. Even more, it is easier to let your negative thoughts bog you down. However, when it does, these can impact every aspect of your life with ease but then how to get rid of negative thoughts. .

It is always important to shed negative thoughts out of your mind because:

  • If your negative thought is enough strong, it has the power to overcome you.
  • These can ruin your mood, relationships, and the entire day with ease.

Even more, most of the people out there are their own critics, in fact, worst critics. However, shutting your negative thoughts down can help you in boosting your confidence, positive energy flow, and self-esteem.

Best ways how to get rid of your negative thoughts

However, whenever we talk about getting rid of our negative thoughts, most of the people want to know how to do it. Are you also looking for the answers to the following questions?

  • How to get rid of negative thoughts?
  • How can I shut down the negative voice of my mind?
  • How I can clear the energy that negative thoughts bring to my mind?

Well, it is all about processing negative thoughts and dealing with them effectively.

So, let’s have a look at some of the effective 7 best ways below to get rid of these negative and mind-altering thoughts in the best possible way.

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is having its roots in meditation. Also, it is an effective and efficient practice to detach yourself from your emotions and thoughts. Instead, view your negative thoughts as an outside observer.

During your practice of mindfulness, you can learn how to view your thoughts as an object floating behind you. However, the major objective of mindfulness is to get your mind and emotional reactions’ control back.

2.Get help from writing down your negative thoughts

Are you having the same negative thoughts consecutively? Then writing them down and throwing them into trash may look pretty in the beginning. However, in fact, this is an amazing therapy to get rid of your negative thoughts. Amazingly, this silly therapy can make a huge difference.

Keep in mind the fact that you have the power to change it.

Whenever you are hearing any negative voice in your mind, just write it down. Well, this way you will be able to document the occurrences. Even more, you can have a clearer understanding of what you are saying to yourself. Consequently, you can even understand what you feel as well.

Even more, getting rid of these negative thoughts by writing will be very satisfying.

How to get rid of negative thoughts

3.Surround yourself with positive people

Are you unable to get rid of your negative thoughts despite your efforts? Then it’s time to do something with your social network.

According to a research study, it is easier for you to pick up a rumination-like behavior from the people around you. Because the process more often involves thinking and worrying aloud. Even more, it is a habit that other people can mirror with ease.

To avoid this, you must stop being among people with negative energy. Rather surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers. It is because your social circle also impacts your thought process and behavior.

4. Reframe your current situation

Is your urge to ruminate is stronger? Then understand the fact that distracting yourself can be a bit harder. Therefore, it would be better to reframe the entire situation. This is important before you try to remove negative thoughts from your mind.

And then try to find out positive aspects from the situation to tackle your thoughts effectively.

For example, if you are stuck at the airport, then consider it an opportunity rather than a misfortune. Use the time you find there to complete any important assignment or something else.

Overall, reframing the situation will make it easier for you to distract yourself from negative thoughts. Even more, you can also help with an effective visualization exercise as well.

5.Breathe to get rid of negative thoughts

One of the easiest, yet most efficient ways to stop negative thoughts is to “take a deep breath”. Surprise how breathing can get me rid of my negative thoughts. 

It is because taking three deep breaths can easily let you calm yourself effectively.

For this:

  • Just get your feet connected with the ground.
  • Also, stop whatever you are doing right now.
  • Avoid rushing them.
  • Instead, breath in and out slowly and repeatedly with the same pattern.

Once you have done this, now it’s the right time to plan your next step for more effectiveness.

6.Workout can help as well

Exercise can also be an amazing thing to divert your mind. Amazingly, the latest surge in mind/body fitness classes highlights that.

Also, smart workout enthusiasts are performing this for years. A revolutionary mind and body workout can definitely help you to get rid of negative thoughts easily.

It is because, in this workout, you will train your mind to stay positive. Even more, you will also use these intentions in your regular life to have a better thought process.

7.Design a go-to positive statement

Prepare a positive go-to statement for yourself. Make sure to say that statement loud for yourself when any negative thought appears in your mind.

For example, “Yes, I can do it.”

If you are in the process of fighting out with something, then this can be your go-to statement. So, repeat it many times when you are in a situation where negative thoughts are backing you. This will certainly help you in warding off the negative voice of your mind effectively.

Final thoughts

It is a common fact that negative thought patterns can impact all aspects of your life. However, if you are finding it hard to get rid of them, then talking to a therapist can also work. Firstly, it is highly recommended to consider the above-mentioned ways how to get rid of your negative thoughts. These ways are highly effective and will certainly help you in this regard. Make sure to opt for as many of these ways as possible in the process and make yourself optimistic. Slowly but steadily, you will surely win this race.


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