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How to attract millennials to your business?


Saddled with an increased income, the new age consumer spends more and are better exposed to the outside world through their devices. These are ā€¯Millennials"- aged between 18 to 35, they are the biggest target market today. With increased demand, the markets have now grown exponentially and this has created tough but healthier competition. Unlike any of the markets before, millennials are bending the rules of the game in a way where the business modules or manufacturers no longer hold the power to decide upon trends. With rapid advancement in technology, millennials have instant access to a wide range of information at any given point in time.

How to attract millennials to your business?

Consumers are constantly connected with various social platforms. They can now share their experiences regarding every product and service they have tried and tested. Brands can be accepted or dismissed in a matter of few words. Internet has paved way to making consumers- global, vocal and smart buyers. This is a tough nut to crack. Design plays a very crucial role in prepping up businesses and can give that much required edge to crack through. Will discuss here how to attract millennials to your business with design.

Value proposition to attract millennials to your business:

With a never increasing pace of life, millennials have a very short attention span, they are constantly on the move and are multitasking like never before. For example while trying to reach office, they catch up on the latest gossip via social media, do a laundry list of shopping online, pay a visit to the nearest bank branch via an app, order a lunch and even find a life partner. Instant gratification is the norm. The smart gadgets are no longer a piece of tech, it is an extension of the physical self. Lives are now managed in a single swipe or a tap.


How to attract millennials attention to your business with design? For all this to work efficiently, design has to be crisp, clutter free and to the point. It also has to be personalized, interactive and engaging. Micro level, target market study, has revealed few distinctive behaviour patterns which gives way to better understanding the millennial market. Business can now design their contents to be more precise, apt and relevant.

Thorough buyers

Millennials are that generation of people who were brought up in an age of false media and tall claims. This has only made them less naive and much more conscious, thorough buyers. Brands now have to redesign their content, products and packaging, revamp their websites and apps, find a social media presence and also have to present testimonials to prove their brand promises. Easy example: Product information now has to be printed in the labels so that buyers can check them while taking a call on their purchase.

Attract millennials  Philanthropic by nature

Being global citizens, they are aware of global events and world politics. They believe in social causes and wants to participate in the ecosystem. They want to voice their opinions and make a difference in the world around and support establishments doing the same. How to attract millennials who are philanthropic to your business? Designers can incorporate a platform for the users to voice their sentiments and make them feel inclusive. Designers can highlight their association with good social causes and let the buyers know about their contribution and this will instill a sense of pride in the users. In turn it will build brand loyalty and trust.

Human error

Faith on an external device is on an all time high. Millennials are at ease with any new interface. Their confidence in their ability to navigate swiftly in any new website, app or service, leads to error in their judgment. They are quite infamous of acting before thinking and much of the burden lies on the app and muscle memory.

Designers can take advantage of this human error. With an in-depth understanding of behaviour psychology, muscle memory, habit and familiarity, designers can create an environment for the users to take a leap of faith and land exactly where they intended to. A slight miss from the target, can cause them to lose interest and move on.


Millennials are constantly connected to their devices be it a phone or a tablet or a laptop. User statistics shows how people never switch screens and continue to use the same device to complete a plethora of tasks. They may care less about the efficiency and complain more about the inconvenience of the switch from one device to a different one. This calls for a continuous and coherent design across all platforms. The user should have the same experience irrespective of the device, so as to keep their interest focused.

Designers need to know how to attract millennials to your business with seamlessness design. Designers need to stick to flow charts, user interactivity data and not introduce any new learning curve. This can be further extended by making the entire user experience more optimized. For example to order a pizza while watching a movie in the laptop, there is a higher probability of going to the website rather than switching to a mobile phone. This can be optimized by giving the user one tap option of revising previously placed orders, showing most ordered items in their menu or other better deals.


To conclude, Millennials are here to challenge any set norms. Markets will only evolve more from here after. With this helpful data, Design can help effectively build a better user experience and successfully transition business into future markets.


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