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A healthy life is what makes a person happier and merrier. There is a saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson
who was a famous American essayist of the 19th century and also a philosopher who first used the
proverb “Health is wealth”, and since then it has become popular. Cannot deny the truthfulness of the
proverb which will be proven at the end of the article to you. As we all know, a human mind may
accomplish thousands of dreams and desires but cannot stop the natural phenomenon called the
human being and it is aging along with nature and a lifestyle. To maintain healthy health and mind, its existence is ones effort and is the utmost truth of better and long life. 

Humans are particular about their health and keep working and maintaining it to live a life long. From the day a child is born the foremost concern of the parents is if, the child is healthy or not. What are the measures and points that they need to ensure? What vitamins does the child need or what injections a newborn must be given and many more. Sure, they think about other aspects as well. So health has always been given an important emphasis for living beings.

In recent times health and hygiene have been the topic of the world, especially in the context of the
widely spread virus covid. If we look into the ancient times and practices of our ancestors, maintaining
good health and hygiene was always their top priority as they have mentioned health and hygiene in
several religious manuscripts as well to make sure their lineage follows the practices and enjoys a
healthy life.

Ayurveda is one of the earliest forms of primary health care and has been proven in the current world.
Practicing Ayurveda had many health benefits. Chronic disease often relates to daily medication for a
longer period of time. By practicing Dinacharya, Ritucharya, panchakarma, and Rasayana therapies some
major changes and cures can be accomplished.

Practicing these four therapies can provide health benefits for people who are suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. 

Ayurveda has been specialized to cure chronic diseases and is ancient medical science. As result, it has always focused on the primary health of any community to build them stronger.

The world has seen numerous lifestyle diseases and health issues as time passed; our professionals have
found medicines for some and still working hard to find the cure for the rest. 

The government has emphasized the necessary steps to work for the betterment of the health department of the country, for instance, west Bengal health welfare (WB health) and the directorate of health services Kerala (DHS Kerala) have contributed to the primary health care and the upliftment of the respective state. With the changing time and the revolution of technology that unfolded several ways to connect and to share knowledge with people around the globe, we got introduced to health and wellness center; community health nursing facilities across and how we can get access to those so, in return we get the fruitful outcome. 

There are several health issues about which we never knew before the invasion of technology
took place but today we can learn, understand the basics and head back to the physicians/ doctors if
needed. The livehealth online facility has unfolded the healthcare practices and information.

If we see the index of WHO, the people of this globe are facing lifestyle disease and actually losing life to
five lifestyle diseases that rank in the top 10 of leading causes of death globally. Those are mentioned

• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Stroke
• Cancers
• Diabetes
• Kidney disease

A society that is strengthened through community health care experts or community health centre may
have hope that they might transform towards the betterment of the community health or may work and
develop a healthy life & health and wellness inclined society. To accomplish that choosing occupational
health and safety to practice through is necessary. 

Chronic disease has to be given special healthcare and importance as that changes the daily routine of a person’s life. Livehealth online has provided the platform where the needed one can reach easily a master in public health, a doctor, or a physician who can provide guidance 24 X 7.

The covid era has made it clear as, how important health and hygiene is and how important it is for the
health department of the countries to develop progressed and easily approachable community health
centre. We have seen, that not every individual is capable of approaching hi-tech hospitals or professionals as that is expensive and people are already struggling excessively for earning, 

where earning food gets tough how would an individual think about having a maintained healthy life! But, isn’t that necessary? This is where the health department of our countries and states come into the
workforce and provide primary health care facilities to the ones in need.

There are several NGOs that organize medical and health camps in the backward part of the states and countries. Community health nursing is the frontline workers who work with the camps and especially are approached first to know and learn about the primary health condition of the community. Community health centre work progressively with them in one accord to serve the underserved community.

Proper education on health and related field is the key to the lock of health issues. If you are a person
who tends to improve the health issues of people on a larger scale and want to avert people to get sick
then pursuing a degree as master’s in public health will definitely be one of your finest options. Surely, a
master of healthcare awareness and a master’s of Science may also lead you to similar fields but, a
master’s in public health will lead you to work with government bodies, and non-profit organizations
such as, kff or UHC; community bodies, or industries.

Having a degree on masters in public health will give you a broader outlook while working at the grassroots level. To have build connections with the community health nursing professionals will strengthen your statistics on community health. The advocacy that the underserved communities receive and the quality healthcare provided to them with the consultation of the local government are all done by the community health nursing people. 

There are other non-profit organizations like KFF also known as Kaiser Family Foundation which is a public charity legal status holder, the organization’s main purpose is health care and health policy headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. 

The most forward foundation which works closely with medical and health policies and is surely unbiased to any group or community of humans are walking side by side with time or you may say walking ahead of time.

Along with the underserved community, the well-connected community too has limitations at a certain
level. Livehealth solutions are that door that opens possibilities for people who want assistance to get
knowledge on schemes and facilities that are available for them. Doctors and healthcare consultants are
also providing necessary guidance in livehealth solutions. 

Occupational health consultants are there to consult if any queries are built or put in. The livehealth is a cloud-based platform where professionals can keep their records about their own centre and the SEO will help them improve with analytics and insights. The new-age cloud-based platform for medical professionals. As we all know, technology is the future of the world and health is one of the primary concerns of humankind. So, not having a specific platform for medical professionals as we already have for businesses, creators and speakers cannot be visualized. Livehealth online is the gateway to future health and wellness guides for us and our future generation.

While approaching for a developed future where technology and medical health facilities walk along
having your medical insurance will protect your savings if necessary to use at times. United healthcare
inc. (UHC) is one of the trusted groups of health care products and health insurance. Trusting a reputed
health care company is always a better option.

 If you are accessible to the company or residing in the United States, having your insurance backed up by the company won’t be an ignorable idea. Another insurance coverage company is Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) situated in the United States. They provide insurance as well as covers emergency care rendered irrespective of occupational healthcare professionals’ contracts. Irrespective of country and profession a person who is earning enough to save and live a basic life completing the needs must have medical insurance. At severe times, medical insurance backs up financially.

Health and medical care of a person is an essential part of being. Maintaining a healthy life from all
aspects is necessary. Starting from basic vitamins, and daily routines to knowing all the aspects of cloudbased applications that are designed for humans for their health benefits and a spectrum of doctors and governmental and non-governmental organizations benefits and schemes are essential. As said earlier
in the article, “Health is wealth” as said by famous essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson and the known ones
have got insurance and have protected their savings.

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