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Games as A Service- Everything You Need to Know About


The world of technology is changing with lightning bolt speed. The world of gaming has surely grown at the same pace. Every other day we are observing new innovations getting add up to the existing ones. Games as a Service, alternatively known as “Gaas” is another exciting innovation in the world of gaming. Read on to know more everything about Games as a Service . It has influenced and changed the world of gaming. With its unique perks and benefits, it has significantly molded the gaming world.

What is Games as a Service?

Games as a Service or Gaas refers to the practice which allows programmers to commercialize video games, even after the initial launch. It includes a continuous income model for players to buy Micro-transactions and Downloadable material. The Micro Transactions refer to the cheap buying options which unleash special features in a game. They provide downloadable content through a diverse number of options based on subscriptions. The Downloadable content has alternatively been termed as “DLC”.

Games as a service play the role of a bridge between the consumer cost issues and user participation. It provided the best solution to decrease the expenses of customer purchasing. It engages the users for a longer time period as compared to the old practices. For instance, in about six years after introducing GaaS content, EA Games boosted its market value from four billion dollars to thirty-three billion dollars.

How Games as a Service is Changing Everything?

Games as a service lead to games operating at no cost for initial purchases and making profits on subscriptions or buy-ins, respectively. Games as a service can commercialize video games after launch, and it has proved the players more involved. It continuously reintroduces and engages the audience with the guarantee of modern and upgrades. It makes the users feel completely involved and interested in the game. Users no longer have to feel annoyed by getting beaten in one level, getting bored, or ignoring the game altogether.

You can stream the Gaas games instantly from the cloud to the gadget. Gamers are allowed to access these from everywhere and anywhere so they can have an enjoyable experience of gaming. It also delivers good cross-platform features, a critical part of keeping the gaming industry profitable. You can access and play your favorite game whenever and wherever you want to. It frequently announced new game content as "drops" or "releases" — a method that reflects Supremes’ luxury advertising techniques.

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Perks of Games as a Service

If you are interested to know the perks associated with Game as a Service, read on to know what those are:

Nonstop Profits Stream:

The game developers and developers of indie enjoy the best perks owing to Gaas. It reduced their dependency on single-time procurement drastically. It allows them to strategically plan their long-term future scheme of monetization instead of worrying about petty stuff.

Extension of the Game’s Life Span:

Introduced to more and more interesting games every day. That is because of the fast-paced world of gaming. Several estimates suggest that users drop most mobile applications within the time span of three days if they are not interesting enough.The gamers are annoyed and lose interest in the game, if the game developers cannot update the game or make it exciting. The gamers uninstall the game and start looking for new ones which are more intriguing.

On the opposite, it is a fact that as long as the users play a game; they are more likely to become loyal customers. GaaS model can assist developers to create long-term links with their fan base and prolong the life of the game. It makes a game more popular and well-received amongst gamers.

Initial Release:

Now the game developers can have instant and advance knowledge about the way a certain game is going to turn out. Gaas provides the developers with detailed feedback so they can modify the projects. The developers alter the games structure as per the tailored needs of the gamers.Now, the users can provide initial feedback to the developers, letting them know their comments, expectation, and suggestions regarding a game.

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Personalized Billing Options:

Games as a service provide unmatched and easy payment and billing options for the users. Now you can easily pay and bill the way you want to. There is a multitude of different billing options to choose from. These options are curated keeping your comfort in mind. Some of these options include:

The Option of Flat Billing: This is the right payment choice for you if you want to get charged the same amount of money every week, every month, and every year.

The Tiered Structure of Billing:If you would like to get charged as per the range of a unit,then choose this option.

Billing Model Based on Volume:If you want to get charged according to the consumption then it is the best pick for you.

Cryptocurrency: If you are a user of cryptocurrency, then you can pay the bill via that as well.

They offer these payment options, keeping in mind your ease and convenience. No matter which model you choose, you can easily and quickly pay the bills are continue playing your favorite games.

A Final Word:

Gaas is going to change the face of the gaming world in the future. Developers use the term Cloud gaming to refer to this because these are cloud-based as well. The developers are working tirelessly to explore its further aspects. We are hopeful that we will get to explore it more in the coming years. It also lets to pay you through cryptocurrency. Allowing you to choose the billing plan that suits you best so you can match your budget. It won’t make you incur any excessive or hidden charges so you can play your favorite games without any worry.

Additionally, we are certain that Gaas is completely going to take over the world of gaming in the near future. Revolutionizing the world of gaming, it is going to be a massive breakthrough. It allows the developers to make their games more gripping even before release. Now the developers can easily modify their games to beforehand to make them more interesting. It is positively impacting the gaming world since its inception. Increasing the life span of the games, it is indeed a great concept. Now the developers can earn by monetizing their games. It offers the best of both worlds through unique perks.

It keeps the players and gamers interested with the promise to bring new and exciting updates. You can get to enjoy the latest versions of your favorite games. If you are an avid gamer, you are going to appreciate it beyond the limit because of the benefits it brings.


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