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How to control your thoughts


Our mind is one of the most powerful tools we can have to create good in our lives. However, if it is not used correctly, it can be the most destructive life force as well. By controlling your thoughts, you can influence the way to live your life. Even more, your mind and your thoughts can affect your perception. And therefore, your reality’s interpretation, while, uncontrolled thoughts can be your worst friends but then how to control your thoughts.

Best ways: how to control your thoughts

Thoughts’ control is basically character strength that can improve your life’s quality. Undoubtedly, controlling the initial trigger of your thoughts can be hard. However, with continuous efforts, you can take your thoughts’ control back. For this, you don’t need to get swept away.

Do you want to know what can let you control your thoughts more effectively? So, here are the best ways to get the grip on in the best possible way:

1. Stay aware and be prepared for them

When you are aware of any happening, then you are in a stronger position to fight back with your thoughts and lead them to the way you exactly want. Thoughts and even negative thoughts, happen to almost everyone.

It is always important to understand that no one can escape the initial trigger of thoughts with ease. However, being aware of the thoughts in your mind can let you control them and modify them easily.

2. Stop thinking and take a deep breath 

Do you want to control the out-of-control train of your thoughts? Well, this is the time to put them on pause. Say stop to your thoughts and take multiple deep breathes. It is because this will help you to collect yourself before you are moving on. Even more, it will also help you to address and control your thoughts more clearly.

For this:

  • You need to focus more on breathing for a moment.
  • Give yourself some distance from your thoughts.
  • This will consequently make it easier for you to manage them.

Studies suggest, our brains take about 90 seconds only to fade any neurochemical triggers. It means within that time your brain can get back to its normal state. So, it will always help you to take a deep breath for at least 90 seconds. So, for more effective results, you can count down to 90 while calming down yourself.

How to control your thoughts

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3. Prefer to be present at the moment to control your thoughts

Do you want to control your thoughts? Then, you must have a mental support system. Most amazingly, living in the present moment works instantly. When you feel that you are caught up in your thoughts’ whirlwind, then,

  • Recognize the situation.
  • Erase your disturbing thoughts
  • And replace them with pleasant yet present moments.

The best way to do this is by bringing your attention to what you are performing right now. Notice what you are currently doing and whisper that with yourself. consequently, you will be able to focus on your current situation and will ultimately forget what you were thinking.

4. Observe thoughts without any judgment

Another way to control your thoughts after pausing them is by observing your thoughts. Don’t critique yourself from having thoughts in your mind. Instead, it would be better to figure out what things are making you to have these thoughts in your mind.

Determining the facts which are leading you to feel that you have lost your brain’s control is essential. For this, you have to take an objective look at these thoughts. Do this without spawning any kind of judgmental emotions.

For this you should:

  • Ensure to stick to your objectives and concrete facts. In case of having a fight:
  • Don’t cast the blame for having a fight with the other party. Even more, try to make a guess why the other person was angry.
  • Consider the events that led you to the present situation.
  • After knowing everything or recalculating the entire story, try to find out better ways to end it up.
  • If you are having trouble managing things, you can even start writing down your thoughts. By reading them you will be able to get yourself back more effectively.

5. Keep in mind that fear is illogical

Well, here is another important thing for you to understand here. Not everyone is brave enough in all aspects of their lives. One person can be brave for one thing but fearful to the other, and that’s too very illogically. In actuality, fears don’t make any sense. And this is an important lesson you have to make yourself learn. This will also help you in making up your mind and thoughts fearless in a more effective way. 

6. Give yourself a reality check to control your thoughts

Sometimes it can be better to give yourself a gentle tap. This can help you to snap back to reality. Undoubtedly, imagination is a stronger force, and your thought cycle can get hold of it. And you start to believe what you think. However, in actuality, it is just a movie created by your own thoughts only.

Creative persons usually have more intense thoughts creation, which seems more realistic. However, for the ones who are in statistics, the process can be a bit easier comparatively.

Well, in any case, you have to understand the reality. For this, avoid haunting yourself throughout the day and night with the thoughts. Rather make yourself prepared to face what will happen in reality.

Final thoughts

Controlling your thoughts can let you have a better life, certainly. With all this, remember that it is all about your freedom of choice. It is because you always have an opportunity to decide the path your want to go on. Even more, you can also choose whom you want to be with. Or which path you want to go.

In a nutshell, your entire life is your own choice. Similarly, it is only you who gets to choose what you want to think. However, keep in mind nothing is impossible only need to understand how to control your thoughts well. Undoubtedly, the process can be hard, but possible as well.


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