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Top Secrets you will want to know about 5G network in India 2022

Technology and society:

5G Network- Today’s world is entirely digital and to walk with the pace the smarter your network the better you run. Does the question arise what is a better network? What magnitude to cross to be better connectivity? This is 2022; the world has come a long way not just with the environment and modernization but also with technology and society. 

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It was 1979 when 1G was discovered, and it paved its path to India at 1981. Since then there was no lagging back. In the 1990s & 2000s, 2G and 3G were introduced to the world and 4G grasp their roots in the 2010s. The more people got access to digitalization alongside information the barrier of not knowing left the rooms of discussion. 5G the 5th generation mobile network is the new global wireless standard. So far, the digital world has witnessed phone calls to broadband networks and now it’s time to level up to virtual realities of objects, machines, and devices. 

Telecom Minister of India Ashwini Vaishnaw has said that “The country has developed it’s own indigenously developed 4G core and radio network. The 5G network is also in its final stages of development” he added with a hope of future. This shows not just the telecom department but the government is also keenly interested towards the upcoming pacing network connectivity.

5G Network Speed:

The fastest loop of cellular technology is 5G network. It can download a file from the internet of 1000 megabits per second or even more. For instance, watching an HD video online on a 5G device would run efficiently without and hindrance. The 5th generation network transmits through wireless signals by bouncing and connecting with small cell stations placed at artificial necessary points situated in a city or remote area. The small cell stations are a must for 5G network as it uses MM Wave (millimeter wave) spectrum. The extremely high-speed spectrum of 2 to 20 GHz that 5G depends on to generate high speed are only able to reach small distances and might be hampered by natural phenomena or situations.

Advantage of 5G network:

5G network advantages have immensely developed and increased the hope of development in the near future as it is relating to:- a unified and effective air interface. The network has been developed in a way to begin and accelerate next-gen user experiences, strengthen new deployment models and proceed through enhanced services. Dreams like shielded transportation, improvised remote healthcare, and Rig our agriculture are some of the many digitalized logistics that will come true.

This new-age mobile network holds the capacity of increasing employment in the world as the faster the connectivity the more cautious a cloud responsible needs to be. More responsibility means more hands-on the network to run it smoothly as that is what the 5th gen wireless network promises the world. 5G network has 3 bands named low, mid, and high frequency. The low band operates with 100 megabytes per second. This can give you a glimpse of the speed that we are heading to.

Making its place, 5G network has entered the country India and have spread steadily in 13 metro cities so far; with connection providers of the brand such as Bharati Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and Reliance jio. The announcement of accessing 5G network in India has been done by the department of telecommunication of India on 27 December 2021. The entire country will have its connection after the trial period which is ongoing with the 13 metro cities and then will be accessible to the rest. 5G isn’t only engineered for screen use but for more objects and services to get connected and operable to.

5G Network Impacts on companies:

Companies like Samsung and XIAOMI and many more are producing mobile phones with 5G connectivity. As the 4G phones won’t have any upgrades to have access to 5G. South Korea to be the first country to adapt 5G on a larger scale starting from April 2019. No single company owns the 5G network instead many companies came together to make 5G work efficiently. There has been a reclaim as US was supposed to be the first instead of South Korea but the one who gets connected first is the first to put the name out there.

All of us have read this somewhere, “With bigger achievements comes bigger responsibility”, as the world is heading forward to a better-paced up network. This gives many advantages to the world as well as disadvantages too. There are three categories of such- Technical glitch, social glitch, and environmental glitch.

As 5G uses mm-wave spectrum it needs small cell stations to transmit connectivity into small ranges to reach major areas with the faster connectivity of its promise. Thus, it means building poles or similar infrastructure in the entire country resulting in monetary expenses and geographical hindrances as we all know a country consists of all plains, plateaus, and hills. Some of the country’s states are entirely surrounded by water. To get access to 5G network one must own a 5G handset which will result in a financial liability. Interference in radioactive waves and navigation for flights. Air India has canceled 8 flights from the US routes for the same reason in 2022.

The remote area are still struggling:-(disadvantage of 5G network)

The remote areas are still struggling with the 4G network and yet to learn about how to operate advanced gadgets. An entire generation is still learning and till the time they learn the process to operate a gadget the function of the network changes entirely. This is creating a large gap between tech-savvy and digitally challenged people. It affects the self-esteem of such people as more than 50% of the regular work are done through networking and people feel lagged behind. 

We all know to build infrastructure trees are being chopped off which took years to grow and half a day to put into pieces. The earth is already losing the glaciers. The radiation that increases are affecting bees and flying insects for which pollination is decreasing and hampering the agricultural and biodiversity of the planet. As our environment changes so are we. 


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