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10 most popular sports in the world as
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Popular sports in the world

According to Oxford Dictionary, Sports are activities that involve physical workouts
and mental skills used for entertainment purposes. It may be solo or group activities and may be
competitive or non-competitive. Sports are being used for our leisure time workouts (in
the case of non-competitive ). However, sports can be taken as a profession too and thousands
of players/athletes around the globe have established themselves in different kinds of sports.In ancient times, different sports have been introduced to humans and many of them have evolved and developed themselves to get their present state in which they are played and
celebrated globally. Here are ten most played and famous sports all over the world –Popular sports in the world

Popular sports in the world Soccer:

Soccer, also often called association football or simply football, is the most
famous sport all over the world. From children to adults, the craze is unbelievable. It’s a
team-up game with eleven players in a single team, that can be played between two
teams. The main motive of the game is to score a goal against the opposition team by
entering the ball into the front side goal area, ball passing occurs between players of the
same team. different designations are there amongst the players to maintain the game
smoothly and to score goals, the designations may be defender, striker, or midfielder.
There’s one goalkeeper on each side. The history of soccer started way back in china
thousands of years ago when a game called Tsu’chu was played. However, according to
FIFA; modern soccer began in England in 1863.


Badminton is another famous sport played amongst people globally. It’s
played with a bat and a shuttlecock in which the bat is an oval or round frame strung with
nylon or such materials. Can be played solo or team up the match in this sport and can
be played between two opposition parties. A central net divides the badminton court into
two halves and two parties are present on two sides. Badminton is famous for its
easy-to-implement rules and less complexity of the game. Besides, due to workout, you
can have health benefits. It’s an indoor game and so can be played in small yards too. If
we look back to badminton history, it was first played in British military stations in India
way back in the 1800s. In 1992, it was introduced as an Olympic event.


Field Hockey is also Popular sports in the world

Field hockey or simply hockey is a team game that can be played with a
special hockey stick and a plastic hockey ball. The hockey stick is made of wood and
carbon fiber. The game is called field hockey in Canada, United states due to one
reason that ice hockey is also played and to distinguish between these two similar yet
different sports, two different names are taken there. In the game, a total of 11 players
are there among which, one player is designated as goalkeeper to prevent the goals. It can be played both indoors and outdoor. Hockey was first played in the United Kingdom
around the 19th century. IHF of the International Hockey Federation controls the overall rule regulation and maintenance of the game globally.


Cricket is one of the royal and famous sports around the world. It’s also a team
game. Two teams are there eleven players present each team. It’s played on a round
cricket field. Two parties occur in this game in a single time – batting and fielding parties.
The scoring run becomes the main motive of the batting party and resisting them by
bowling is the main motive of the fielding party. Different bowling styles like spinning,
swinging, and pace-swinging are accepted in cricket forms. Different countries like
Australia, India, England, West Indies have made this game popular around the world
through their stunning performances in different cricket championship leagues or
Worldcup. Some top present teams around the world in different forms of cricket are –
England and South Africa, West Indies, India, Newzealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Afghanistan, etc. If we look back at its history, it was possibly first played in the 13th


Baseball is a famous game with team-up strategies. The game is played
between two teams consisting of nine players each of the team. Two opposition parties
can be taken as offenders and defenders. Offenders can bat and defenders field in the
game. In the offending procedure, innings occur for the fall of each player by the defensive side and thus, nine innings occur in a single game for the offending or batting
party. The batting party tries to hit the ball away from the defender and defenders try to make the batting player out. In western countries, it is played much and it’s heavily
popular in the United States.


Basketball is an indoor sport played among two opponent teams. Here,
each team has 5 active players. A basketball court is taken to play the game. The main
motive of the game for a team is to throw the basketball into the basket of the opponent
team. Here also offensive and defensive strategies are taken to overcome the front party score in a limited time. In general, the game is played in four halves of 10 or 12 minutes. However, this can vary in different forms of basketball and different localities. FIBA is the main federation responsible for the maintenance of rules and regulations globally. If we look back to history, Dr. James Naishmith invented the basketball game in 1891 in
Springfield, Massachusetts.


Golf is an individual or solo game. It’s played by hitting a ball with a club from a tee
into a hole. A golf club is a heavy wooden or metal head on a slender shaft. A golf tee is
a stand to elevate and support a stationary golf ball, the tee stands and makes the ball
ready to be hit by the club. Golfs are widely played among all ages of people for its
relaxing nature game, people enjoy it much. It’s played competitively also, but it’s mostly
played for leisure activity purposes. The golf-playing area is called a golf course, it doesn’t have a standard size. Often, golf courses are beautiful with their scenic beauty.
Golf was invented way back in the 17th century in Scotland and from there, it got its expansion throughout other parts of the world

Table tennis

Table tennis is a widely played indoor game. It’s also called ping-pong
sometimes, its principles are very much similar to lawn tennis. The game is played with a
racket or bat and with a small yellow ball (generally). it’s played on a flat table in which
the table is divided into two halves by a fixed net. Players throw the ball with the bat from one side to the opposite side. Players get a point if the front party becomes unable to
receive or return the ball. The game is very much famous in Asian countries. This game was previously called ping-pong when it was first invented in the early 20th century in
England. In 1988, it was introduced to Olympics in men’s and women’s singles and doubles events.


Volley ball is a team sport. It’s played between two teams consisting of six
players each team. Unlike football, Volleyball is played with bare hands. The game is
played on a volleyball court in which a central net divides the court into two sides. The
main motive of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent’s ground over the net. In
defensive strategy, players defend the ball and prevent it from being grounded in their own
court. Volleyball was invented by William G Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895.
A new form of volleyball is getting famous over the world named “Beach Volleyball”.As
the name suggests, it’s played on the beach and people enjoy it much for their entertainment purpose.


Tennis is a very much popular indoor sport with billions of players worldwide. It
can be played in both solo and doubles mode .it was originally called lawn tennis. In the
game, players throw the ball with the racket to the opponent’s court. The main motive of
the game is to make the ball bounce twice in the opponent’s court which will lead to a score. The main reason for its widespread is its rules are simple and it’s an indoor game,
it doesn’t require a vast place to play. It was first played in the 19th century in Bermingham, England


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